Review: ‘A Perfect Catch’ is exciting circus-comedy show

By Emilia Privat, Staff Reporter

February 25, 2012

The Canal Playhouse in New York is a small but comfortable theater with about 30 seats. It has a cafe and its specialty, as they say, is its waffles. I saw two of their shows, and here is my review of one: “A Perfect Catch”...

SuccessMaker 3 worker comes to 5G to answer questions about learning software

By Peyton Rees and Daniel Bernstein, Daniel Bernstein, and Peyton Rees

February 14, 2012

CLASSROOM 5G — Ms Baig from the company that makes SuccessMaker came here to answer questions students had about SuccessMaker 3, software that helps teach math and English. Success Maker 3 is a new version of SuccessMake...