Colonial girls basketball team works hard to achieve second place finish in Pelham rec league

By Carly McNamara, Staff Reporter

March 30, 2012

COLONIAL GYM — The Colonial girl’s basketball team, after all their work, came in second place in the Pelham rec league. The team accomplished so much by working hard. Players improved their skills learned and practiced. Claudia...

Pennies for Patients collecting many pennies, nickels, dimes; fundraising ends March 30

By Sam Rodd, Community Editor

March 27, 2012

COLONIAL GYM -- This year, Pennies for Patients started on March 7 with a town meeting at 2:15 pm. At the meeting, students saw a video and a small presentation made by the Student Government. They also showed the boxes the student...

Tests increase for fifth graders as they get ready for middle school

By Francesca Di Cristofano, News Editor

March 22, 2012

PELHAM SCHOOL DISTRICT — Tests for fifth graders increased noticeably from fourth grade, and the question for some students is: why? This year, there have been social studies tests, science tests and math tests every couple...

2012 brought Leap Day; some celebrated and some didn’t care

By Lindsay McNamara and Manon Bushong, Manon Bushong, and Lindsay McNamara

March 22, 2012

THE WHOLE WORLD — Leap Day came Feb. 29 and some people around the world celebrated it. But not everybody cared about the day that only comes every four years during a leap year. "I'm not doing anything special," said Mrs. Holly...