A tale of hamster lost: Raj makes a break for it, but is found safe

By Ava Knapp, Staff Reporter

April 25, 2012

CLASSROOM 4C — Class members of 4C were shocked when they found out their class hamster, Raj, was missing. Grayce Cooper said she was “surprised” when she heard the news. Mrs. Linda Carlson said she was very worried. Mrs....

Mrs. Wilson organizes book club for third grade girls, who celebrate with party at end

By Emilia Privat, Staff Reporter

April 23, 2012

CLASSROOM 3K — Mrs. Tonya Wilson, the principal, organized a book club for the third grade girls. The book they read and discussed was “The Gold-Threaded Dress.” It was about bullying, friendship and being different. At...

How is student life different at Siwanoy? More assemblies and playgrounds

By Peyton Rees, News Editor

April 14, 2012

SIWANOY SCHOOL — Have you ever wondered what life is like at other schools? Now you can find out what it's like at Siwanoy School. Meghan Stevens, fifth grader at Siwanoy, said every day 5 in the gym they have an assembly. "At...

All students will participate in Colonial Helps projects to aid community with recycling, street clean up, senior visits

By Manon Bushong and Ryan Gregware, Manon Bushong, and Ryan Gregware

April 14, 2012

COLONIAL SCHOOL — Starting in the spring, all Colonial grades will be participating in Colonial Helps, a program in which students help the community. The Colonial Helps projects are made to be fun for the kids while giving...