Is plastic destroying the earth and hurting animal species?

By Charlotte Howard

June 30, 2012

Did you know that approximately 2.7 million tons of plastic is wasted every day?  This plastic that is wasted can harm animal’s habitats.  The animals that survive in the ocean are harmed by people trashing their home.  How...

The Danny Fund

By Liz Potocki

June 30, 2012

Do you know Dan Potocki? Dan was 4 years old when he got A.P.M.L., that’s stands for acute promylocytic leukemia. Leukemia is a dangerous type of cancer, which is when too many white blood cells are made. He is also my big ...

Food for your sweet tooth

By Alex Michailoff

June 30, 2012

Have you ever had too much candy? Or can you not have enough? If not come into a world that will tingle your taste buds. History The word candy is from the Sanskrit word khanda which means piece of sugar. There are many differe...


By Morgan McLean

June 30, 2012

Zip, Zip, Zip up your jacket for when you zip through the history of zippers and the story of the amazing invention. History Zippers were invented by Whitcomb Judson from Chicago. It took him 22 years to invent the perfect piece of...

Magical movies

By Callie Leff

June 30, 2012

J.K. Rowling wrote the hit series Harry Potter, and all the directors were hoping to make the movie. Do you want to know how J.K. Rowling helped to make the movies? Because I do! A Magical Job J.K Rowling works with Steve Kloves, the screenwriter, to make ...

The big scoop: taste of the wonderful world of ice cream

By Ava Knapp

June 27, 2012

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!  Are you an ice cream lover? If so, this article is for you! History:  One of the most famous ice cream companies is Ben & Jerry’s.  So how did they start out? ...

The immortal kings

By Emilie Kelly

June 27, 2012

You are standing in a temple in Athens, Greece. The tour guide is talking about the myths that are written on the walls around where you stand. You wonder what it would be like if you lived back in the time that the ancient Gree...

Early polluters

By Luke T. Diffley

June 27, 2012

How long ago do you think pollution started? The answer might surprise you, because it stared about 70,000,000 years ago. Dinosaurs were the first to cause pollution. Plants everyone thinks they are only good for the environment....

Five hardest soccer moves

By James Staller

June 27, 2012

Have you ever wanted to learn how to leave defenders way behind you? Do you want to know the soccer moves that do that? Soccer moves are the Benzema lift, the Maradona, the stepover, the elastico, and the Cruffy turn. THE COUNTDOWN The or...

History of lacrosse

By Charlie Moderelli

June 27, 2012

There are many people that play lacrosse but not that many people know the history of the balls.  Many people wonder about lacrosse.  But there are many answers to those questions and I will tell you some of those answers. Here...