Facing once-in-a-lifetime girl-versus-nature experiences, and hanging out with friends

By Francesca Di Cristofano, News Editor Emeritus

August 27, 2012

MEDFORD LAKES, N.J. — As I concluded my busy summer experience, I went to an amazing camp called YMCA Camp Lake Stockwell. It was a day camp, but there was the option of sleeping there. Every morning, you went in and signed...

Sandy the Crab is purchased, then pinches (ouch!) on the way home

By Carly McNamara, Staff Reporter

August 22, 2012

NORTH CAROLINA -- When I was here on vacation, I went shopping. I was about to make my purchase. But my sister came and said, “Mom wants you.” So I went to my mom, and she asked if I wanted a crab. I replied,“Yes!” I...