First graders enjoy fables, measuring (from March print newspaper)

By Natalia Cherner, A&E Editor

April 18, 2014

COLONIAL SCHOOL -- The life of first graders may be more interesting than older kids think, even when the first graders get out of school. Many first graders say they like that they have learned so much. First graders were...

Colonial’s computers upgraded to new operating system (from March print newspaper)

By Michael Micciche, A&E Editor

April 18, 2014

COLONIAL SCHOOL -- All of Colonial School's laptops and computers have been upgraded to the Microsoft Windows 7 system and new software was added. Upgrading the school's computers can be an advantage and disadvantage. Many...

Mrs. Wilson, faculty teach kids how not to be bullies (from March print newspaper)

By Tisya Sharma, Paige Felgner, and Jamie Burke

April 18, 2014

Stop and read about how Colonial School is going to be a bully-free school. Mrs. Tonya Wilson, the principal, has many new ways to stop bullying when it's happening and help students have healthy friendships. "The student...

Mrs. Wilson talks about school year’s new activities (from March print newspaper)

By Sophia Leung, News Editor

April 17, 2014

COLONIAL SCHOOL — There are many new and exciting things going on in Colonial. So we sat down with Mrs. Wilson, the principal, to find out more. "One of the things we've done differently is the valet in the front, which makes...

State’s standardized ELA tests check into what kids know; what do you think of them?

By Jack Tirsch, Staff Reporter

April 15, 2014

COLONIAL CLASSROOMS — From April 1 to April 3, the third, fourth and fifth graders took the state ELA tests. Some students said the tests weren't stressful, while some said they were. The reason that New York State gives...