How do fifth graders feel about going into sixth grade? (year-end print edition)

By Zoey Campos and Margot Phillips

July 16, 2014

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COLONIAL SCHOOL — The class of 2014 has mixed feelings about attending Pelham Middle School. Eliza Bratone (5S) takes one side, saying she is super excited. But Brett Bober (5H) said he's a bit nervous about moving on. A...

Artist Bint-Kadi works with students on newest Colonial mural about rain forests

By Kate Girolamo and Cate McLean

July 3, 2014

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COLONIAL PLAYGROUND — Colonial School once again worked on a mural outside of the school and hoped to make it great. The students do different themes every year, and this year it is the rain forest. Mrs. Nancy Baird, the art teacher, ...