Music in review: Chart toppers from Taylor Swift and Meghan Trainer

By Ella Miller, A&E Editor

November 26, 2014

During the summer, several new artists started making new hits. Some already-loved artists made new hits as the summer passed too. Some of those songs were "Shake It Off" (Taylor Swift), "All About That Bass" (Meghan Trainer),...

Student government candidates talk about stress and speeches

By Austin Kelly, Student Life Editor

November 26, 2014

COLONIAL LIBRARY — The candidate election for fifth grade Student Government representative was tough this year. There were about 18 candidates for six positions and that made for a lot of competition. Speeches were...

New iPhone releases from Apple but is it really worth buying?

By Tisya Sharma, News Editor

November 16, 2014

Ever since the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus came out questions have been raised. There are some great things and some bad. Is it really worth buying these new Apple products? Lets think of the pros. The 4.7 and 5.5-inch screens...