Spring break is coming and plans range far, wide and right at home

By Grace Dunhill and Kate Girolamo

March 26, 2015

COLONIAL SCHOOL — Spring break is on its way. Some families are traveling the world, and others are relaxing at home. "I'm going to the Hamptons and going to the beach," said Reese McLean (4GA). Daniel O'Keefe (4GA) said,...

Peer Buddies start and kids are excited about new progarm

By Kate Girolamo and Cate McLean

March 25, 2015

COLONIAL SCHOOL — First through fourth graders got their new peer buddies for the first time at Colonial School. This trend is new for Colonial School, although Colonial has been doing Kindergarten-fifth grade buddies for...

Punxsutawney Phil’s forecast: was it right or wrong on start of spring?

By Ella Miller, A&E Editor

March 17, 2015

PELHAM — For the past three months, we've had a cold, harsh winter. There have been many snow days and delayed openings. The snow has piled on top of ice on top of more snow. There have been scary storms coming up and weather...

Exploding Pineapples take victory for fifth grade basketball championship

By Ella Miller, A&E Editor

March 17, 2015

COLONIAL GYM - On March 9, the fifth grade basketball championships of Colonial School took place. Here, three teams competed to win. Those three teams were the Red Demon Champions (5H), the Exploding Pineapples (5V) and the Fire...

Beloved chocolatier Michele Ferrero, who created Kinder Eggs, dies at 89

By Allie Carney, Staff Reporter

March 12, 2015

Some candies are sweet and some sour, similar to this story about the loss of the beloved Michele Ferrero. Mr. Ferrero died at age 89 on no better day for a chocolatier than Valentine's Day. The loss brought tears to many...

Colonial kids begin collecting money for Pennies for Patients to help kids

By Ella Miller, A&E Editor

March 12, 2015

COLONIAL SCHOOL — Throughout America, there is a program called Pennies for Patients. Pennies for Patients is a program that helps kids with cancer. Colonial School is taking part in this action. The big kickoff happened ...