Review: ‘Hop’ okay trip from Easter Island to Hollywood

Review: 'Hop' okay trip from Easter Island to Hollywood

The live action and animated movie “Hop” uses actors such as Russel Brand, James Marsden and Kaley Kuoco to provide the voices and live characters. The movie itself was okay. The plot was good, but I am not a big fan of James Marsden. Let’s see why this movie was okay.

The movie starts off with a young rabbit named E.B. playing the bongos on an Easter Island statue. Connection anyone? Anyway, his dad, the Easter Bunny, shows him the Easter factory and E.B. just starts eating everything. His mouth is stuffed with food. It then flashes to a kitchen where a family is eating dinner and their oldest son, Fred, is being told he is a failure by his own family.

The movie switches back again to E.B. and he is now a teen playing the drums really loud. His dad comes in and tells him he will be the Easter Bunny even though he doesn’t want to. He escapes Easter Island and goes to Hollywood to become a star drummer. To shorten up the story, he meets Fred and the Easter Bunny sends rabbits called the Pink Berets to try to get back E.B. Later, E.B. pretends to fry himself and escapes, only finding out later Fred has been captured by the Pink Berets.

It turns out the chicks working for the bunnies are evil. They capture Fred and the Easter Bunny and start to lower the basket they are in into quick-hardening chocolate. Fred and the Easter Bunny are being restrained by liquorish, so they eat their way through. Then E.B. comes in and defeats the chick leader. E.B. says he will be the Easter Bunny if Fred will be his co-Easter Bunny. Fred goes to his parents and shows off that he’s the Easter Bunny. He gets in the Easter sled and takes off with E.B.

Overall, the movie was okay, as I have said. Just some things were really weird, like that creepy chocolate. The plot was good, but I can only mildly recommend this movie.