Review: Chimps Get Smarter and Rise in ‘Planet of the Apes’

REGAL NEW ROC STADIUM 18 — The new movie “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” was great. It is about a medicine that repairs the brain. They test the medicine on 12 chimpanzees. One chimpanzee goes wild and the humans kill it. So the tests are called off. But it turns out that the chimpanzee that went wild had a baby.

So the main character, Will (James Franco), takes the baby chimp home with him. He also takes home some of the medicine that is used to repair the brain.

Eight years later, the chimp that is now named Caesar attacks his neighbor. Caesar gets sent to a primate shelter. He is treated very badly there. But one night he manages to escape. He sneaks into Will’s house and steals all the medicine. He then goes back to the shelter and makes holes in the bottles of medicine, and this makes every chimpanzee, orangutan and ape that is in the shelter get smarter.

The next morning, they all break out and start raiding the city, which is San Francisco. They go to the zoo and break out all of the monkeys that are there. So now there are more monkeys. When they get to the Golden Gate Bridge, there are a lot of police officers and SWAT team people there. A big battle happens and some of the monkeys die. But they defeat the police and go to the Redwood forest, where they stop and stay there forever.

According to the New York Times, this movie cost $100 million to make. So far it has made $54 million, and that is just in the first weekend.

Once again “Rise of the Planet Of the Apes” was a great movie.