Review: Brad Pitt plays baseball manager in ‘Moneyball’

I saw the movie “Moneyball.” Before I review it, I just have to say this: Brad Pitt is in this movie! Awesomeness!We start off with the play-offs elimination game and the Oakland A’s just lost. The Oakland general manager, named Billy Beane and played by Pitt, pretends to be calm when he’s mad. He just lost his best players and doesn’t have the budget to afford the players he wants.He goes to the Indians general manager to look for affordable players. Nothing. But he meets this guy named Pete. Pete shows Billy how to get affordable players, and he signs a bunch of players who are the oddballs of baseball.He loses. A lot. Ouch.

He trades people, and cuts people. Then he wins. Then he wins some more, until the team is at 19 wins. In a row.

Eventually, Billy Beane is in his car, and he hears on the radio his team is winning by 12 runs. He doesn’t want to go to the game for fear that he will jinx it. His daughter calls him and tells him to go back and he finally does.

The other team starts getting runs like crazy until the game is tied. It’s the last inning. One of the A’s players steps up to the plate. The pitcher throws the ball. He swings and— I’m not telling you! If you want to find out what happens, go see the movie yourself.