Review: This true ‘Dolphin Tale’ is sad, happy and inspiring

“Dolphin Tale,” a movie based on a true story, was sad and happy at the same time.

The main characters are Sawyer, Hazel, Winter (the dolphin), Dr. Clay, Kyle and Dr. McCartney. Sawyer is one of the first people to see Winter when hurt. Winter gets injured by getting caught in a lobster trap. The Clearwater Marine Aquarium Workers have to come to the beach where Winter is hurt.

Later that day, Sawyer goes to visit Winter to see how she is doing. Hazel takes him to Winter’s pool. One of the workers is helping Winter swim. Hazel tells Sawyer to be quiet so her dad doesn’t see them.

Sawyer gets a job at the aquarium. He starts working with Winter because Winter and Sawyer have some sort of connection. He is helping Winter swim after her tail is amputated because iof infection. Sawyer wonders how she is going to swim because a dolphin needs its tail to swim. Winter gets the hang of swimming by moving her little nub-like-tail-thingy across in a back and forth motion. Dr. Clay says that it is not good for a dolphin to swim like that.

The aquarium gets wrecked by the winds of a tropical storm. When the aquarium is closed, a girl and her mother drive all the way from Atlanta to come to see Winter. The little girl lost a leg, and she wants to see Winter because she thinks Winter is just like her.

Kyle comes back from the army because he’s been given a mechanical leg by Dr. McCartney. When Sawyer goes to visit Kyle, he meets Dr. McCartney, and he asks the doctor to come see Winter. Dr. McCartney meets Winter and starts to get some parts together. He puts a mechanical tail on Winter. She goes crazy! Dr.McCartney finds different parts and gives another tail to her. She is calm for about 30 seconds, then BOOM! Out of control! Sawyer realizes what’s wrong. Part of the tail rubs against her skin and it annoys her. He tells Dr.McCartney, and the doctor makes another tail. Winter doesn’t go crazy. It works!

Dr. Clay needs to find how to get the aquarium back in shape after the storm. Sawyer and Hazel think of a day for people to come see Winter. Dr.Clay likes the idea.  They made a website called “See Winter” to get people to come. They make T-shirts, toys and balloons.

They day finally comes for See Winter Day. Hundreds arrive. It is great. Kyle is there ready to swim against the state’s best swimmer. Winter is in the race too. The whole day is great and they get loads of donations.

“Dolphin Tale” is an inspiring true story. It is a great movie. I loved it, and so will you.