Review: ‘The Lost Hero,’ new in Colonial library, offers enthralling story

Review: 'The Lost Hero,' new in Colonial library, offers enthralling story

There is a new addition to Colonial School’s library. It is “The Lost Hero,” an enthralling novel by bestselling author Rick Riordan. “The Lost Hero” is about Jason, Piper and Leo, three demigods who have just arrived at Camp Half-Blood, the camp where demigods can hone their magical skills. A demigod is a child of a god or goddess and a mortal. For example, Jason’s father is the god Zeus, ruler of the sky, and his mother is a mortal.

Jason is a sixteen-year-old boy who has amnesia, and cannot remember anything about his past, though he thinks he doesn’t belong at Camp Half-Blood, due to a strange tattoo on his arm with the letters SPQR. His powers include flying, and summoning lightning, and he fights with an electric spear.

Piper is a thirteen-year-old girl who, though she doesn’t like it one bit, is a daughter of Aphrodite,  the goddess of love. Her powers include forcing the truth out of bad guys, and making the bad guys fall in love with her. Her weapon of choice is a dagger.

Leo is a thirteen-year-old boy who is a son of Hephaestus, the god of flames and forging.  His powers include summoning flames, building incredible things, and his weapon of choice is his fire.

At Camp Half-Blood, Jason, Leo and Piper are assigned a quest. Their quest is to free the goddess Hera (who is queen of Olympus) from a trap. They experience many troubles and obstacles along the way, and their quest presently seems to be on the brink of failure. Rick Riordan has also put in some miraculous detail and humor in his book, and I hope you will also read the second book in the new series: “The Son of Neptune.”