Animal Jam rises fast in popularity at Colonial School


The Animal Jam log in screen.

COLONIAL SCHOOL — Animal Jam is a game played on the Internet that is on a wave of rising popularity here.

Created by National Geographic, Animal Jam teaches you facts about animals. Signing up to be a member donates money to the Big Cats organization, so the money goes to a good cause.

In the game, you get to control and color one or more animals of your choice. There are elephants, pandas, bunnies, wolves, turtles, seals, tigers and many more. Rumor has it that penguins will soon be coming.

The place where you play games and have much more fun is called Jamaa. There was recently a flag contest where you designed your own flag in competition to choose the official flag of Jamaa. The flag that won was a paw surrounded by fireworks.

Everyone in the game gets their own den and can decorate it however they want, as long as they buy the things with the currency called gems. You earn gems by playing games stationed throughout Jamaa.

The places you can visit are:

  • Epic Wonders, where you can get rare things that only last for a limited time.
  • The Pillow Room, the place commonly used for adopting.
  • Jam Mart Clothing, for buying clothes.
  • The Movie Theater, where you can watch movies about animals.
  • The Medical Center, where you can be a doctor.

So hop, wiggle, slither and fly over to Animal Jam and sign up today.