Review: ‘Man on a Ledge’ puts you on the edge of your seat

Review: 'Man on a Ledge' puts you on the edge of your seat

The movie “Man on a Ledge” was epic. The film is about an ex-cop named Nick who says he was framed for stealing a diamond from David Englander. In prison, he learns his father died and is allowed to go to the funeral. When the funeral ends, Nick hits the cop in face, takes the gun, makes his brother give him the keys to his cuffs, and gets away in his brother’s car.

Cool, huh? He checks into a hotel a month later, and wipes away all the evidence of him being, after writing his own death note. He gets out on the ledge, and people start to notice him. Meanwhile, his brother and his girlfriend are on the roof of one of David Englander’s buildings. Nicks starts screaming, “I am an innocent man!” The brother blows up the roof and he and the girlfriend get into the building.

If they find the diamond, Nick is an innocent man. Will they find it in time, or will Nick go splat if they don’t? I thought “Man on a Ledge” was spectacular, as I said before. There was no stupid love story, except for maybe two lines at the end. It was fast paced and exciting. Plus, it was fun to watch. Go see it right now. If you don’t, Nick might go splat! Go! Hurry!