Review: ‘A Perfect Catch’ is exciting circus-comedy show

The Canal Playhouse in New York is a small but comfortable theater with about 30 seats. It has a cafe and its specialty, as they say, is its waffles.

I saw two of their shows, and here is my review of one: “A Perfect Catch” is an amazing, exciting, circus-comedy show.

It’s a tale of two people that go to the same workplace and meet.

But while acting the show, performers Michael Karas and Jen Slaw juggle. They are the most amazing jugglers I have ever seen, and the way they performed the show made the theater explode with roaring laughter.

They juggle loop rings from ear to ear, balls in their umbrellas, and in the story’s morning, toothpaste, toothbrushes and other morning things. The music made it come alive and they even juggle apples.

Every part of the show is great. So check it out, and I can promise that if you go, you will have a great time.