Review: ‘Journey 2 the Mysterious Island’ offers action and adventure


The movie’s logo

“Journey 2 the Mysterious Island” has action, adventure and some comedy. To top all of that, you can see it in 3D, which makes you feel like you are on the Mysterious Island.

The movie stars Josh Hutcherson, Dwayne Johnson (a.k.a. The Rock), Vanessa Hudgens, Michael Caine and Luis Guzman. Josh Hutcherson plays 17-year-old Sean Anderson, who wants to discover the Mysterious Island. Dwayne Johnson plays Sean’s step-father Hank, who goes with Sean to find the Mysterious Island. Vanessa Hudgens plays an island girl named Kailani, who goes on the adventure with Sean and Hank. Michael Caine plays Sean’s grandfather named Alexander who meets Sean at the island. And Luis Guzman plays Kailani’s dad Gabato, who flied his helicopter to the Mysterious Island and tags along on the adventure.

The movie starts off with Sean riding a motorcycle across the city with the cops chasing him. After the police catch Sean, Hank comes to pick him up. Sean stole something from a radio station because he wanted to get the rest of a secret message that was broadcast on the radio. When they get home, Sean tries to figure out the code, but it is in morse code. Hank comes in to help him. The code has clues that are in books.

A few days later, Sean and Hank go off on an adventure to find the Mysterious Island, though Hank doesn’t think the island exists. On an island that their plane lands on, Hank and Sean meet Gabato and Kailani. Sean pays Gabato and Kailani $3,000 so they can get a helicopter ride to the island. Just before they reach the island, a massive storm blocks their way. Sean remembers from his book “The Mysterious Island” you have to go through the storm. Everyone else in the helicopter thinks he’s crazy for saying that, but they decide to believe him. Then, they all wake up on the Mysterious Island.

As they awaken, Sean is amazed about the island. Hank, Kailani and Gabato still can’t believe it exists. As they’re walking around the island, they seem to be walking across big rocks. Then, Hank steps on one too hard and it cracks. They realize that they are walking on the eggs of a giant lizard. On the Mysterious Island, everything in real life that is big is small, and everything that is small is big. The giant lizard spots them and starts chasing them. Gabato steps on an egg too hard and falls in. It’s gross. There’s slime and you see the soon-to-hatch baby lizard. He gets out, and they still keep running. Sean tries throwing a rock at the big lizard, but that just makes it worse. Soon the lizard goes away, and Sean’s grandfather, Alexander Anderson, comes.

Alexander takes them to his treehouse home to rest up. The next day they explore the island and come upon The Lost City of Atlantis. Hank realizes that Atlantis is soon going to go underwater and that they only have a few days until it goes deep. To go out to explore more, they ride giant bees. As they’re riding, a giant parrot comes and starts to chase them. Kailani falls off the bee, but Sean saves her from getting hurt. When the parrot finally leaves them alone, they realize it’s only a few hours until Atlantis goes deep.

Hank and Sean must find a submarine to take all of them home. They go underwater and find a submarine. It’s very hard to open, and they see an electric eel headed their way. Sean and Hank finally get the submarine open and head inside. There are no lights on, and they can’t start the sub because of no electricity. Hank has the crazy idea of using the eel for a jump start, and that’s their only option, so they do it. Hank goes out into the water and gets the eel’s attention. The eel comes charging at him, and Sean is inside ready to get started. Hank throws a spear in the eel’s mouth, and the submarine starts up. Hank and Sean go to get Gabato and Kailani, and soon they are cruising home.

I think the movie is awesome! If you see it, I would recommend 3D because you feel like you are on the journey with them. It’s a great family movie to see.