Three Colonial Times editors create fan website based on their favorite books


The “Hunger Games” fansite created by Claudia, Lindsay and Manon.

DISTRICT 12 — The three of us, all lovers of the “Hunger Games” books, built a fan site that is becoming  popular with peers who also like the book series. Here is why and how we created the website:


I love the “Hunger Games” so much. The “Hunger Games” is real popular in school too. When the idea of a fansite struck us, we quickly got to work. Apparently, it costs $7 a month for a website. That wasn’t gonna happen. So we typed in,”how do we make a free website.” We found a service and started our site. After a while of working, we weren’t satisfied with this service. We set off to find a new place to build a site and we found And we started our site. You can become a member of our site, unlike with the other service. There were many cool widgets you can use and it was real fun. We couldn’t wait to get the word out!


I had a lot of fun building this website, as much as I love the “Hunger Games” (which is a lot). The website is still getting built, but it is open to the world.


I had a lot of fun making the website just as Claudia said. I really enjoyed making a website for the best book series ever and the soon-to-be best movie ever. My favorite part about making the website was either making the t-shirts (which was really fun and decorative) or making the photo gallery.  Manon, Claudia and I decided to make it when we were all reading the series, and I just thought, “We should definitely make a website for the best series ever.” We had a lot of trouble finding a website that would let us make our own free site though. As Manon said, one charged $7 a month (rip off!). But putting in the hard work on the research was worth it, and it was certainly not over at that point. We still had to make the website. But, we managed okay. It’s still in the making, but I’m proud of it.

The different things visitors can do on include:

  • News is all the new stuff coming out about the “Hunger Games.”
  • Question of the Month is where you write an answer to our question. Each month, the winner is posted on the homepage and called Member of the Month.
  • Photo Gallery has pictures about the “Hunger Games,” from tributes to movie posters. See it all.
  • Members is where you can become a member of our site and get special privileges on the site.
  • Gift Shop offers all different types of “Hunger Games” attire with all different designs. Choose your style!
  • Members Area is where members and only members can go.

If you’re a fan of the “Hunger Games,” you’ll like our site. Click now to check it out.