Mrs. Howey tells newspaper about weird, true tales coming from National Geographic


Cool things about chocolate from the book “5,000 Cool Facts.”

COLONIAL LIBRARY — Mrs. Linda Howey talked to the newspaper staff about her job at National Geographic. She is head of sales for National Geographic Books, which has some weird but true stories coming out. Mrs. Howey is also the mother of Addie (5GL) and Gracie (2H).

“I think my favorite part about working for National Geographic is learning something new every day,” said Mrs. Howey. “I’m in charge of sales.”

Mrs. Howey said National Geographic has a lot of the new books coming out this year. “5,000 Cool Facts” will be available on Oct. 9 and is for kids eight to 12 years old.

“Quiz Whiz: 1,000 Super Fun, Mind-Bending, Totally Awesome Trivia Questions” will come out on Aug. 14 and is recommended for the same age group, she said.

“That’s Gross!” will be available on Sept. 11 and is about “icky facts that will test your gross-out factor.” It tells about Roman feasts versus medieval banquets and bad medicine treatments from the past that really were gross.

The Colonial Times staffers were very excited about all the new National Geographic books coming out.