Review: ‘Lorax’ teaches if you don’t do anything, nothing will change

Review: Lorax teaches if you dont do anything, nothing will change

The Lorax speaks for the trees.

If you don’t do anything, nothing will change. That is one of the lessons you will learn when you see the movie “The Lorax.”

This hilarious movie has a lesson for all of us and is a must see.

This great movie is about a boy named Ted who is trying to impress a girl named Audrey. With the help of his mom and his grandma, he will find out what life is really about.

But what about the Lorax? This little furry guy speaks for the trees. He is just trying to protect his little animals from a man who wants to chop down all the trees to make sneeds.

Zack Efron is the voice of Ted, and Audrey is played by Taylor Swift. These two are quite a pair. The Lorax is played by Danny DeVito. The barbaloots will steal your heart away. These cute mini bears are hilarious.

I thought the book was better than the movie because the book is such a masterpiece that nobody can change it. Still, the movie is great because it’s funny and a lesson. The movie is a four out of five. And I like that they put a quote from the actual book in the movie.

So go see the “Lorax” and bring 50 cents, a nail and a shell of an old grandfather snail, and the Oncler may tell you about where the Lorax once stood.