Is ‘Hunger Games’ movie appropriate for young fans of book?


Jennifer Lawrence playing Katniss Everdeen in “The Hunger Games.”

“The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins is very popular with kids and teens. Some kids have been seen the movie, while a number of parents are hesitant to let their children see it.

“It depends on the kid,” said fifth grader Julia Rosenberg. She liked the book better because she could tell more of what the characters were thinking. Was the movie good enough? “Yes, because I got to look at what was happening,” said Julia.

Julia’s mother, Kathleen Rosenberg, said, “I didn’t see the movie, let’s make that clear. But based on the rating, ten and under is bad. Having never read the book, I know it is a young adult novel, which backs up my suspicion that the movie isn’t for kids. It disturbs me to know that ‘The Hunger Games’ is about children killing each other. I am relieved to know that the killing is not glorified.”

Mrs. Piera Hattar, a fifth grade teacher, said, “I would say there’s a valuable lesson to be learned, but I think that it’s up to your parents.”

She said she would want to read it because “I’d want to see what everyone was talking about. What all the craze was about.” Mrs. Hattar said she would let her son read it when he got older, “but I would make sure we talked about things.”

“The Hunger Games” movie is quite popular, but parents have concerns about letting their children watch it.