Review: ‘The Hobbit’ offers Bilbo, dwarves, fighting mountains and Gollum


A hobbit goes out the door on an unexpected adventure.

The movie “The Hobbit” came out on Dec. 14. It’s probably going to be in most theaters such as Ridge Hill. “The Hobbit” is a prequel to “The Lord of The Rings” movies with characters such as Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf and Thorin.

“I think you should read the book before you watch the movie,” said fifth grader Owen. “Also, my favorite character is Kili.”

“I liked the part when the mountains came to life and fought each other while the dwarves were on the mountains,” said second grader Aidan. “I also liked the fight scenes.”

In “The Hobbit,” Bilbo Baggins goes on an unexpected adventure with the dwarves to help them reclaim their home from the dragon Smaug. Bilbo and his friends find some orcs, mountain trolls and other creatures on their way.

I liked the movie a lot. I think it was strange how the dwarves came into Bilbo’s house unexpectedly and how they took over the place. My favorite character is Gollum. I think you should see the movie too.

The Hobbit is suitable for about nine year olds or up because it does have some violence and people die. It’s rated PG-13. It’s running time is about 2 hours and 50 minutes.