Review: ‘Wreck it Ralph’ is great movie for whole family to watch


Wreck-It Ralph from the movie of the same name.

“Wreck it Ralph” was an amazing movie. I loved it and many others did too.

Ralph is basically a big giant. He wrecks the building, and Fix-it Felix has to fix it, making sure that he does not get hit by the bricks.

Felix is saving the mini-people that live in the building. Ralph sees Felix and the people having a party in their penthouse. Ralph gets jealous because meanwhile he is sleeping in bricks with an old cloth.

Ralph goes to a gathering for bad guys, which he is in his game. In this gathering, they are supposed to talk about how they are bad guys and accept it, but Ralph does not.

This movie was really good. I would give it five stars It came out a long time ago but you can still see it. If you are looking for a movie to watch, “Wreck it Ralph” is a great family movie.