Review: ‘Parental Guidance’ is funny, family friendly movie with Billy Crystal


“Parental Guidance” is a funny, family-friendly movie that stars Billy Crystal and is rated PG. It is about a grandpa and grandma who don’t really know their grandchildren and have to babysit them when the parents go on a vacation. They grandparents try to share their parenting experience with the new, soft, healthy style of parenting that the kids were brought up with.

One of the best scenes is when the youngest kid, Barker, puts neon paint on Grandpa’s face. They go to the symphony, and it is so dark, Grandpa’s face glows. Next, Barker starts jumping around and running under people’s seats. After Grandpa catches the boy on stage, Grandpa makes a speech about the horrible new way of being brought up.

A weird scene is when all the kids eat ice cream cake for the first time in their lives and go crazy because they never get to have sugar. In the end, one of the kids, Turner, announces a very famous baseball game without stuttering once. (Turner has a speech problem that makes him stutter every other word.)

From me, “Parental Guidance” was one of the funniest m0vies I’ve seen in a long time. The best part is when a guy has a crying fit because he ran over Carl, who is Barker’s imaginary kangaroo friend. I wish I could relive my time there because I was with my friends.