Mid-year printed edition: Colonial’s creative dressers show off different fashions this year


Callie Leff

Brooke Gilbertson (left), Zoe Anastas and Erin Moskowitz show off that Colonial style.

COLONIAL SCHOOL — Colonial School is full of creative dressers. The fashion choices this school year are very interesting and different from what they were last year.

The Kindergarten girls this year are wearing “dresses with flowers,” said Josie Leff, KM. This year, for Kindergarten boys the style is “shirts with words on them,” according to Daniel Berkery,  KM. He said he doesn’t know why it is that those shirts are so popular.

First graders and Kindergartners have some of the same opinions on fashion. The fashion for the first grade girls is “skirts with flowers on them,” said Laura Shelton, 1A. Nolan Proffitt, 1A, said the fashion for first grade boys is “T-shirts with pictures on them.”

Second grader Amelia Resnick of 2S said, “We wear sweaters a lot” but there are no specific kinds of sweaters. Brooks Clarke, a boy in class 2S, said, “Most of us wear sweatpants.”

For third grade, the girls fashion is Justice, sparkles and Uggs.

“A lot of people in my grade like that sparkly, neon stuff, so they wear it,” said Eileen Mazzaro, 3K. Third grade boys wear “shirts with pictures and words,” said Isaac Leff, 3D.

Mika Korvyakov, 4C, said the fourth grade girls are wearing “more like cool clothes, sparkles and pop-out things.” Fourth grade boys, on the other hand, like “T-shirts, maybe sports clothes, jerseys, sweatpants and sneakers,” said Robert Bischof, 4C.

Fifth grade girls have a lot of popular fashions this year, including skinny jeans, colored pants and hats. Lynn Dvorkin, 5V, said the style choice that really sticks out for her are the Nike Frees sneakers.

“They’re good quality sneakers, so I think that is why people wear them,” she explained.

As for the boys,“we usually wear jeans and sports shirts,” said Charlie Pedorella, 5H.

(This story was originally published in the mid-year printed edition of the Colonial Times.)