Mid-year printed edition: Students talk about trends ranging from hand games to Minecraft


Callie Leff

Hand games played by Kate Girolamo (left) and Olivia Orlando.

COLONIAL SCHOOL — During the first half of the school year, the most popular and fun trends with the students varied from video games and sports to playground games and Barbies.

Starting with the youngest, the popular trends for Kindergarten girls were girly dolls and doing creative art.

“Princess Barbies, we like princesses and Barbies,” said Josie Leff, who is in Mrs. Kathleen McCarthy’s class.

Class KH student Abby Hartmere, on the other hand, said, “We normally like to draw in the art center at school because I want to be an artist when I grow up and I need lots of practice.”

Joe Martucci of class KM said that Kindergarten boys “play tag because it’s a fun game and because we don’t want to sit and do nothing.”

Instead of Barbie dolls and making art, the trend for first grade girls was more sporty things.

“Soccer,” said Samantha Gregware (1C), “because I did it when I was in preschool, and I’m good at kicking.”

Building Lego kits for the boys, said Russell Eustace (1C), who went on to explain, “because I’ve been doing it for five years.”

Apparently first and second grade girls have the same views on what is fun to do because Scarlett Bratone (2S) also said playing soccer was the top trend for her.

“Because when I was passing with my dad, I was really little, and I told him that I wanted to take soccer,” she said.

The second grade boys also liked sports, though with some of them, the trend was basketball. “Once I was watching it and I got into it,” said Charlie Schellhammer, class 2S.

Third grader Olivia Orlando (3L) said the popular thing for girls in her grade was doing “handgames because we like playing around, and we like being funny.”

Isaac Leff of 3D exclaimed, “Oh, Minecraft’s awesome. It’s hard to explain. Just play it for a day!”

Minecraft is a video game where you build things and have to help yourself survive fighting against zombies and things called creepers. You also have to find food for yourself and make yourself shelter. There is also a mode where you have unlimited resources.

Apparently, the third grade is interested in different things then a lot of the rest of the school.

Fourth grade girls liked new, different colors and doing several playground games.

Ava Shotkoski (4G) named the games watermelon and 4 square. Margot Weis (4G) said that the biggest trends were the color neon and the game bounce on.

As for fourth grade boys, “football, because it’s fun and that’s what all my friends play,” said Aidan Resnick, class 4M.

When asked about the trend among fifth grade girls for the 2012-2013 school year, Rory Gerhardt of class 5V said, “I have to say probably sports. A lot of boys and girls are asking me if I do sports this year.”

Dane Crowley, class 5V, said that the biggest trend was a video of a guy in a cornfield. “It’s beasht, not beast, but beasht,” he said.

Colonial School’s trends so far this year really varied from grade to grade. They ranged from technology-related things like video games and videos to sports including soccer and basketball. They also included art and dolls.

The kids of Colonial School are certainly creative in the ways they find to have fun. Can you guess what the popular trends will be in the second half of this school year?

(This story was originally published in the mid-year printed edition of the Colonial Times.)