Country music throws off cowboy hats and puts on leather jackets

Country music has gone from cowboy hats to leather jackets.

If you listened to an older country music song, like “Mean” by Taylor Swift, you would notice that the song is slower than a newer country music song like “Downtown” by Lady Antebellum. Also, old country music usually uses acoustic guitar. Acoustic guitar is not always used in new country.

Some country music artists used to do old country music, and are now doing new country, like Taylor Swift. Others used to do old country music and still do it, even though its not as popular. Willie Nelson is such an artist.

Some acts started their careers when new country music was in, so they perform new country music. These include bands like Little Big Town and Miranda Lambert.

“I like new country music better because it’s more catchy,” said Maddie Samaan, 4-M.