‘Air Bud’ and ’42’ are two sports movies that interest Colonial students

People sometimes wonder what sports movies there are to watch and what they’re like. So we went and caught up with some people to find out.

Haley Wall (4C) said, “The movie ‘Air Bud’ was really cool. It was about a dog that went in a basketball game and actually made a shot. The characters are the dog Bud, the owner of bud, his parents, the coach and other characters in the movie.

Anna Shampanier-Bowen said, “I haven’t seen any sports movies, but I’ve wanted to see the movie ‘42’ because it is about Jackie Robinson, and he was the first black person to play baseball.”

Jacob Hartmere (4C) talked about the movie “Miracle:” “The movie ‘Miracle’ is about the U.S. hockey team that was preparing for the Olympics.”

Jack Murphy (4C) said he liked “Crooked Arrows,” which is about lacrosse.

Natalia Cherner (4C) also enjoyed “Mircale” because it is “about hardwork.”