Colonial kids make many-colored bracelets as Rainbow Loom sweeps the nation


COLONIAL SCHOOL — “Hey, what bracelet is that?” It’s a question thousands of kids have been asking all over the US. What are these rubber-band bracelets? They’re made on the Rainbow Loom.

Everyone used to be wearing Silly Bands, but now it’s Rainbow Loom that’s popular.

There are many types of Rainbow Loom bracelets: Singles, fishtail, triple single, starburst, hex-a-fish, zippy chain, waterfall wave, double X, diamond, sailor’s pinstripe, mini-braid, twisty wisty, rainbow ladder, three-pin fishtail, melting pot, double braid, snake belly, four-pin fishtail, triple double and many more. There are more than  600 types of bracelets.

Rainbow Loom came out a little while ago, and it’s a huge sensation. Choon Ng created the loom.

You buy the kit and the rubber-band packs. You can make all sorts of bracelets listed above. You can also make your own and invent bracelets. This year, Rainbow Loom is the it thing to have.

“People give me Rainbow Loom bracelets, but I don’t have a kit,” said Finn Cork (5V). “It will probably die out like Silly Bands. It will die out at the end of this year or next year.”

Other companies have copied Rainbow Loom, including Cra-Z Loom, Fun Loom and Wacky Loom. Even the bracelets have been copied. For example, the Cra-Z Loom’s waterfall is the Rainbow Loom’s triple single. And Rainbow Loom came first.

Here’s what some fourth-grade students had to stay about Rainbow Loom:

  • “It’s creative,” said Tisya Sharma (4M).
  • “You get to make your own bracelet your style,” said Maila McLellan (4M).
  • “It gives you something to do when you’re bored,” said Ally Hart (4G).
  • “You get to do it your style,” said Amelie L’Henaff (4G).

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