Update: Rainbow Loom still popular with some, but is it soon to be BoreLoom?


COLONIAL — Rainbow Loom popularity continues with students. Kids make bracelets, which are most popular, but also hair bands, necklaces, and headbands. There may be some signs the trends is wearing off.

Olivia and Isabelle Berkery are even working on a Rainbow Loom jump rope. Isabelle said hers is very long.

There is also something similar to Rainbow Loom called Cra-Z-Loom, but is not as popular as Rainbow Loom.

Some people say Rainbow Loom is already going down the drain.

What's your opinion: is Rainbow Loom still the hot trend?

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Sophia Leung (5S) said, “Rainbow Loom was fun for a while, but it is getting boring. It is still fun but not an obsession any more.”

People are still wearing Rainbow Loom things, but are not talking about them as much as before.

Olivia Fenwick (5H) told the Colonial Times “in my opinion, I think it is still pretty fun. It’s a good way to keep people busy.”