Review: ’13 Gifts’ isn’t the kind of book that gets you leaning in as you read


“13 Gifts” by Wendy Mass is a book about a girl who steals the school principal’s goat and has to go to her aunt’s house (she barely knows her) as a punishment.

“13 Gifts” is not the best book and for a lot of reasons. I thought the book was very boring myself. It didn’t have what good books need, such as cliffhangers at the ends of  chapters and a beginning that grabs the reader. The books lacks interesting characters and a funny character.

“13 Gifts” doesn’t get you leaning toward the book as you read. Tara Brennan is the main character in this book and is the one who steals the goat. She does it to impress some popular girls in school. She lives in a boring town where nothing happens.

“Swindle” and “The Name of This Book is Secret” are the kinds of books with catchy beginnings and cliffhangers throughout. They definitely get you leaning in.