Are Colonial students still fans of Harry Potter books? (year-end print edition)

COLONIAL — The Harry Potter book series has been published for 17 years, but it’s still popular around the world.

We were curious to see if the series was being read in Colonial by many kids. To find out the answer, we interviewed a number of students.

Here’s what the kids of Colonial said about the adventures of the boy wizard:

Grace Radonis (5H): “Yes, I like it because of the creatures, suspense and the action.”

Isabelle Berkery (5V): “Yes, because of the action.”

Plum Durham (1A): “It’s awesome! I like the wizarding and the magic.”

Robert Bischof (5H): “Kind of yes. Because they’re a good book series. But their popularity has decreased.”

Finn Cork (5V): “Yes, because it’s a good book series and a lot of people like fantasy books. Well, (they will stay popular) for another five years because of all the other good books and technology.”

Hunter Fleming (5V): “Yes, they’re popular now because I think other people like it because there is a lot of suspense, action and mystery. They will stay popular for ten more years.”

Tommy Roche (5V): “Yes, because I love fantasy books with a lot of action. I think their popularity will fade soon.”

Ella Miller (4H): “I do because it’s a good fantasy and a book that pulls you in, but I don’t like them enough to read them. (They won’t be as popular) as they used to be.”

Tisya Sharma (4M): “Yes I love them. For younger kids yes, but the older kids have grown out of it.”

Logan Mueller (5V): “No, because I don’t get the point of it.”

Matthew Gregware (5V): “Yes, because I like wizards.”

This story appeared in the June print edition of the Colonial Times.