New iPhone releases from Apple but is it really worth buying?

Ever since the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus came out questions have been raised. There are some great things and some bad. Is it really worth buying these new Apple products?

Lets think of the pros. The 4.7 and 5.5-inch screens of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus with retina HD display are amazing. Apple uses UV light to position liquid crystals so they lie where they should. That delivers better viewing experiences. With larger viewing space, you can see and do even more from reading eBooks to watching videos and gaming.

A lot of people I know make the text on their smartphones bigger to give their eyes a break. A bigger screen size will allow you to see more text with bigger font size. Being a bigger phone compared to the earlier models means it has a bigger battery, and the bigger battery means better battery life. It can last a few days without needing a recharge, which is great for really anyone especially the ones who forget to charge their phones routinely. Another exciting feature for the 6 Plus is optical image stabilization, which means no annoying blurring of the picture if your hands shake while capturing the moment.

There are some bad features in the new phones. The giant size of the 6 Plus is a downside. You can barely even touch the home button without using your other hand. It’s hard to see anyone single handedly using the 6 Plus. It can’t fit in your back pocket or your front, which means it will be harder to carry for men. Most women carry purses so it doesn’t affect them very much. The case just makes it bigger. Sure it gives you a better grip, but, again, it just makes it harder to find a place to carry it.

“I wouldn’t want the iPhone 6 because it’s too big and tall,” said Jack Tirsch.

“I wouldn’t want that phone. In my opinion the Samsung is better because it has more features than the iPhone 6,” said Luke Quartararo.

“I would not because it seems good, but some other phones like the Samsung or previous iPhones seem better,”said Kate Girolamo

It takes about more than three hours to charge the phone to full battery. That’s time consuming. Also, the on/off switch is not in a very good spot since it’s where the volume switch was in the earlier models but on the other side. You can easily just accidentally turn your phone off when really you want to turn the volume up or down.