Review: ‘Treasure Hunters: Danger Down the Nile’ is definitely worth a read


Courtesy: Hachette Book Group

The fifth grade students have completed their first critics corner assignment. As a part of this assignment, I read the book Treasure Hunters: Danger Down the Nile by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein. I had read the first book in this series and really enjoyed it, but the main motive of the characters was never completed. I thought that the second book would complete it. During the book fair, I came across the second book, so I enthusiastically grabbed it and bought it.

The main characters of the book are Bickford Kidd (Bick), the narrator; Rebecca Kidd (Beck), supposed illustrator of the book; Bick’s twin sister, Stephanie Kidd (Storm), a smart kid in the family with a photographic memory, and last but not the least, Thomas Kidd, the head of the Kidd family who tends to attract girls. The setting of their second treasure hunt is in the continent of Africa, where they meet many challenges on their quest to find their missing parents.

To me one of the important themes of the book is “never give up” because the Kidd kids never stop trying to find their mom, a CIA agent abducted in Cyprus, and their father, who they think died in a storm aboard their beloved ship the Lost. Later on in the book, they find out that their father really escaped the storm and went to China on CIA business. That they never give reminded me about the time I was learning to ride my bike and how my dad never gave up on me and I didn’t give up on myself.

Another important theme is “always believe.” No matter what happens in the book, Bick never stops believing that his father is still alive. To illustrate this, here are a few line’s from the book:

“Oh really?” said Beck. “What about the night dad died?”

“He didn’t die.”

“Yes, he did.”

“No he did not.”

“Um, excuse me, Bickford, but if Dad’s so alive, why hasn’t he sent us some kind of message?”

“Uh, he already did, Rebecca. Remember?”

“Oh, you mean that bogus e-mail you sent us in North Carolina?”

“Dad sent that.”

“No Bickford you did.”

“Says who?”

“Me, you dummy!” 

The last theme is “being supportive of each other during difficult times.” Even though they tease each other, the kids always stick together as a team to fight the challenges, no matter what happens.

The thing I liked the most in this book was the setting. Since it was in Africa, the story had more action with all the lions and animals. Also the land pirates’ attack was really thrilling. It made the book full of cliffhangers and excitement.

This book could have been better if the Kidd siblings could have actually found their parents. The story ends with finding the treasure that would free their abducted mom and the discovery that their father is still alive in China. I think the authors have intentionally ended the story here and the next sequel will hopefully reunite the Kidd family.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in action, and if you’re not, then this book will make you. I have never read a better series. I don’t know if I already said this (actually I do) but this book is action-packed, funny and has something to make you smile.