Review: ‘Steve Jobs: The Man Who Thought Different’ shows how he did


I chose the book ‘Steve Jobs: The Man Who Thought Different’ to read because I love Apple’s technology, and I have about 15–20 products made by them. I was thinking of a non-fiction book to read and searching books up on my Mac. Looking at the Apple logo I thought, “Who created Apple?”

The founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, is described in many ways in this book. He is described as a visionary, showman, artist, tyrant, genius and even a jerk. He was very picky, a perfectionist, and had big creativity as well. He could be sensitive, so sensitive that he sometimes cried when things didn’t go his way. He was charming, and at the same time could be mean-spirited. He sometimes took credit for the ideas of others. He even got fired from Apple for being too difficult.

Steve Jobs was adopted and a college dropout yet he achieved so much in his life because he thought different.

Steve Jobs was determined. He had an interest in computers and technology. Despite being a college dropout, he formed the most successful company of our time and did that in a garage. At the age of 30, Jobs got fired from his own company, but he didn’t let go of his dream. He formed a new company called NeXT. NeXT was never that successful. However, after Jobs left Apple, the company didn’t do that well. Twelve years after he left, he was called back for his position of chairman, the book said. With Jobs back, he encouraged employees to make what was then impossible possible. One example is when Jobs said, you make it a little faster, and you save 12 lives.

According to the book, another trait that Jobs possessed was stubbornness. He would call something a piece of garbage if he didn’t like it. When he was designing a case for the Apple computer, he chose to have a plastic case just because he thought it looked better, instead of a metal case even though metal cases were in. He even refused to allow an on/off switch on the first iPod because he wanted the least amount of buttons. He used to put projects on shelves for months and months if he didn’t like the idea.

Above all Jobs was a visionary. A passage in the book says, “(Microsoft founder Bill) Gates saw a personal computer as something that would make business better. Jobs saw them as a ‘remarkable tool that could make humans better.” Once asked “Who is Apple?” and ‘What do we stand for?” Jobs replied, “What we’re about isn’t about making boxes for people to get their jobs done, although we do it well. Apple is about something more than that.” Jobs never shipped away his work unless it was perfect. He thought of the biggest ideas that almost seemed impossible but here we have them today.

I would recommend this book because Apple is an incredible company, and the book tells you a lot of facts that you may not know. Steve Jobs was a revolutionary man who inspires us to “Think Different” and to follow your heart and intuition in life. I liked the book because the author has not only presented the positive side of Jobs; she equally highlighted the negative traits of his personality.

In my opinion, the book could have been better if the author told what Steve Jobs’ reaction was when he learned that he had pancreatic cancer. It would let the reader know more about his last few years of life. Also, I noticed a few typos and grammar that I think should be addressed.