Print edition: N.Y. Aquarium’s new exhibit takes big shark bite

BROOKLYN — The Wildlife Conservation Society’s New York Aquarium is creating a brand new exhibit called Ocean Wonders SHARK. This exhibit will come out in spring of 2017.

Why sharks? Sharks are in trouble. Millions of sharks are killed each year by the fishing industry. If they become extinct, it disrupts the entire food chain.

When you walk into the exhibit, you will go through The Tunnel. The Tunnel will be a tank that you walk through to get to the next tank. This tank will have a tropical reef ecosystem.

The next tank will be called Meet the Shark. This room will be an introduction to sharks.

The next room will be called Threats. It will be about threats to sharks in the wild.

The tank after that will be called the Bite Tank. It will have animals from local waters off Coney Island, Brooklyn.

The next room will be like a giant shipwreck. There will be four places where you can see into the tank. You will have the feeling you are underwater, exploring a shipwreck. In the tank will be sharks, fish and spider crabs. Over you, there will be a tank with sharks so it will also feel like you are looking up from the bottom of the ocean.

The next tank is called The Open Ocean. The glass on the tank will curve in toward the sea turtles and sharks in the tank so it will feel like you are standing in the deep ocean.

The last room will be called Conservation Choices. It will be about making good choices to keep oceans healthy.

A ramp will wrap around the building to the roof. On the roof, there will be a touch tank with things that would be seen on the shores of Coney Island.