Hot Movies

Colonial School- Colonial students were asked questions about new movies.  Students all wanted to know what the new movies were, so I interviewed some kids. Cooper K. said, “I liked “Jurassic World” and the part when the dinosaur tricked Chris Pratt into going in the cage.” Sebastian F. said, “It was the best movie of the summer!”  Sarah G. also thinks so too!  Jonah S. liked “Hotel Transylvania 2″.  He said, ” It was really funny.” Madeline S., in 4V, also liked “Hotel Transylvania 2″.  She said,” My favorite part was when Dennis made a face like Frankenstein.” Mathew D., in 2C, said,” I liked the part when Dennis turned into a vampire.” Brewer A. said,” I liked the Martian, it was very intense and a cool movie.” Nate S., in class 1C, saw “Pixels”. He liked the part when he saw Mario.  He said,”It was so funny”. Will C. saw “Minions”.  He said,”My favorite part was when Bob became King of England. Zoe B. saw “Inside Out”.  She said,”It was sad and funny.” Mack L. also saw “Inside Out” and liked it. Maggie O. in KM saw “Pan”.  She said,”My favorite part was when the crocodile jumped over the boat.” Tommy C. saw “Inside Out”.  He liked it.  He said,”It was sad”. Steven H. saw the new “Mission Impossible” movie.  He said,”It was AWESOME!”  Looks like “Hotel Transylvania 2” and “Inside out” take the cake!