The Lion King Jr. roars onto stage in SOOP Theater production


PELHAM — “The Lion King Jr.,” based on the Disney film “The Lion King,” was presented March 10-12 by the SOOP Theater Co. with a number of Colonials students in the two casts.

The musical tells the story of an adventurous cub named Simba, who is born to be the king of the Pridelands. Scar, his jealous uncle, plots to destroy him and Simba’s father Mufasa.

Young Nala is played by Charlotte Seligman (4G) in on one of the casts, and she is excited for her first year in a SOOP show. “SOOP is an exciting experience to take part in,” she said.

Dale Martin is playing Mufasa in one cast. She is excited to be in SOOP for her final year.

Students can participate from third through eighth grade.

Sabine Bushong (4G), who is doing the show, said, “I think they should extend the age.”

Doing SOOP is for parents who want their children to do serious theater. SOOP rehearsals are almost every day for about two months. There are emails with reminders to help parents and children be the best the can be in theater.