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Music springs out at final concert (from our June print edition)

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COLONIAL GYM โ€” On May 15, finally it was here. Spring had come, and what better way to celebrate it than with a concert? Mr. Rami Vamos, Mrs. Ann-Louise Glasser, Mrs. Marcia Bean and Mr. Madison Martineau directed the concert.

The performances all were amazing. The clarinets, flutes, bass clarinet, trombone, baritone, tuba, trumpets, saxophones, french horns, snare drums, cowbell, bass drum and symbol all contributed to a great show. The fourth and fifth graders finally got to show there faces to other parents whose kids go to Colonial by playing and singing at the Spring Concert.

The songs the fourth graders sang were “The Water is Wide” and “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles.

The fifth graders sang “Let Me Fly” and “Help,” also by the Beatles. The order of the groups that performed were Mr Martineau’s band, Mrs Bean’s orchestra, and Mr Vamos’s and Mrs Glasser’s chorus.

Lets see what Maxim Katchoura said about the concert: “I played in the concert, but the music is really good. ‘The Water is Wide’ was really embarrassing, but at least we didn’t have to sing ‘The Trout’ like the fifth graders did last year.”

The 4th graders got to play recorders. The notes are b, a, g,  f#, e, c, d. 

“I was in both band and chorus,” said fifth grader Charlotte Seligman. “My favorite song from chorus was ‘Let Me Fly,’ and my favorite song from band was ’25 Or 6 To 4.'”

“I played cello and sung with the chorus,” said Kira Findikyan, also in fifth. “I love the spring concert. It is always so fun to play my instrument and sing with my friends. I love the fact that it is nice outside and playing festive spring music.”

Laura Gin (5H) said, “I liked it. I liked both band and orchestra, but orchestra was my favorite.”

Skyler Austin (5H) said, “It was fun. I liked how we sounded in band.”

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Music springs out at final concert (from our June print edition)