Mary Poppins back in theaters after long wait



COLONIAL SCHOOL — Mary Poppins came back to theaters in the new movie “Mary Poppins Returns.” Many People enjoyed the film; many people thought the first was better.

Alex Dolen said, “‘Mary Poppins Returns’ was good. It was better than the first. The acting was better and so was the storyline. Also, I thought that the music was better in the first movie though.”

In the first movie, two children Jane and Michael Banks go on an adventure. In “Mary Poppins Returns,” the three children of Michael Banks go on their own amazing adventure with Mary Poppins.

Will Russello said, “‘Mary Poppins Returns’ was good. The second was better than the first. It had better songs. It was better than the first because of her and her magic. Though the second movie movie was more about the kids, but it still had a small bit of Mary Poppins.”

Elizabeth Hemsley said, “I enjoyed the movie a lot. I think it was a little bit better then the first, and the music was also better.”

When the kids go on adventures with Mary Poppins, lots of magic happens. For example, kids go in a bathtub and end up in another universe where everything is huge. Or, when holding balloons, they fly.

Lily Reid said, “It was great. I really liked that certain scenes you could tell they related to something in the first Mary Poppins. It made animation and reality even better. I think it was better in some ways, like the new technology.  So it made it look better. But the first was the original, and nothing beats the original.”