‘Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse’ brings many spider heroes together


Courtesy Sony Pictures

A new Spiderman movie came to town when “Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse” was released in December. This animated film follows Miles Morales, who one day gets bitten by a radioactive spider, turning him into the one and maybe not only, Spider-Man.

Students who haven’t even seen the movie are excited about it.

“The movie would look really cool with animation instead of real actors because the illustrators for the characters can express their thoughts about the character better,” said James O’Brien.

In the midst of his adventure, Miles meets five other spider-people. Spider-Ham, Spider-Noir, Spider-Gwen, Peni Parker and Peter Parker (the original Spiderman). The villain, Kingpin, opens up a massive hole in the space-time continuum, causing all of those spider-people from alternate dimensions to collide in Miles’s world. Miles and the other spider-people go on a quest to stop the evil Kingpin and save not just one, but six worlds.

Student Laighton Austin said, “I really liked ‘Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse.’ I think it is really cool that there were multiple Spider-people.”

This movie is 97 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, a kind of movie rating site, but it’s not just the internet ratings that make this movie so popular. It is the creative storyline and plot that attract such popularity.