‘The Stormrunner’ by J.C Cervantes leaves reader begging for more story


Over break, I read a very entertaining book called “The Stormrunner.” It focuses on a boy named Zane Obispo. After years of being homeschooled because he is ashamed of what he calls a “freak leg,” he goes back to school.

I found this book in the airport because I was so bored and wanted something to read. Little did I know that I had found a great book that I won’t soon forget.

As Zane expects, he is sent to the principal’s office on the first day. In the principal’s office, he meets a girl named Brooks. She tells him he is in grave danger from the Maya gods. She also tells him of a prophecy that shows him releasing the Ah-Puch, the god of death from his enchanted prison. Even if he doesn’t want to, the magic will call him to Ah-Puch and force him to release him. After a Demon Runner kills his dog, the magic calls Zane and he releases Ah-Puch to save Brooks’s life.

Rumor has it that two twins Jason and Bird defeated Ah-Puch and trapped him before. So Zane and his gang seek their help.

Throughout his adventure, Zane finds out who his dad was: Hurakan, creator god, “heart of the sky.” Spoiler alert:  With the help of his uncle, Hondo, and Brooks, he destroys Ah-Puch and saves the world.

My favorite part of the book is when Zane, Hondo and Brooks are at a restaurant, and their waiter is playing on his phone. They try to order their meal, but the waiter won’t look up from his phone. That is, until Brooks mentions giving him a nice tip if their meals come fast. Well, that certainly perks up the waiter. He immediately orders their meal. That part struck me as hilarious.

My only complaint is that at the end of the story, I wished there were more. But I guess I’ll have to wait until fall 2019 for the next in the series, “The Fire Keeper.”