Students ready for summer trips (from our June print edition)

THE WORLD — Summer vacation is almost here. Everyone is excited for their travels, visits, day camps and sleepaways. Students from all grades are waiting to do their big plans. While they are waiting, the students are sharing their summer plans. Kids don’t just go to the beach; they go on trips and to camps and other fun things.

There are a lot of kids who are attending camp. “I’m doing camp,” said Blythe McGibbon, a student from 3M. “We are doing arts and crafts and another camp where we train a robot dog.”

There camps like arts and crafts, sports and forests.  Some kids mix camps with their activities and family vacation trips. “I’m going to go to Maine with my family and go to a day camp,” said Eloise McGibbon. “It’s kinda like those ones where you can do a lot of activities, and I’m gonna mostly do baking.”

Kids also go on trips. Students are going to different countries like Ireland or Italy and maybe different states like Florida and, California.

“Every year since I was two, I go to an island off of Maine, and I’m going to a sleepaway camp,” said Will Russello from 5S.

Ella Klossner of 5S has also been going to the same vacation spot since she was little. She goes to a house by a lake upstate every year.

When they talk about summer, students from Colonial also talk about roller coasters, carnivals and waterparks. “I’m doing Pelham recreation (day camp),” said Charlotte Hong, a fifth grade student. “I’m going to Cape Cod and going to the world’s greatest waterpark in the Catskills.”

Some students travel a lot to get to their camps and vacations, riding in little cars and big airplanes.

“I’m going to sleepover at Fire Island by boat,” said Ella Selvadurai, a third grade student.

“I’m going to Philadelphia by car,” said Fiona Henry a student in 2K.

Kids such as Cora Sakx take cruises to relax and have a great time. “I’m going on a cruise to Alaska, but I don’t know what I will be doing.”

Students this summer will be going to many different places, doing many different things, from camps to visits to beaches to lakes and cruise ships.  Their plans are exciting, and they get to do it all when school is not in their heads.