‘Abominable’ tells story of a Yeti’s journey home


‘Abominable’ is a new popular animated movie that hit theaters in September.

The movie is about a girl named Yi who meets a Yeti on top of her apartment in Shanghai. Yi names the Yeti Everest, and they embark on an epic journey with two of her friends to reunite the Yeti with its family.

“I liked it, it was fun,” said Hudson Matts. “I liked how they worked as a team.”

Before Yi found Everest, a rich businessman intended to prove the existence of Yetis by finding a live Yeti high in the mountains. He managed to capture a young Yeti who would grow up to be Everest, and the Yeti later ran away to the city of Shanghai and was found by Yi.

“It was sad because he was away from home, but it was happy because he made it home and there were lots of nice people,” said Brussle Terry.

Digital versions of the movie will be available Dec. 3.