Kids are going happily ‘Into the Unknown’ with ‘Frozen 2’



The awesome movie everyone loved has come back: “Frozen 2” arrived in  theaters Nov 22. 

Before the movie came out, many students knew about it. Eve Rudaw (3A) didn’t see the ad on TV, but she still was very excited. She said, “I’m very excited for Anna and Christoph to be together on the adventure.” Eve’s favorite character in the movie is Elsa.

Brigid Terry saw the ad on TV and thought it was amazing. “It’s all a mystery, and I do not know what is going to happen.” Brigit’s favorite character is also Elsa. She saw the movie after it came out. She said that her favorite part was when Elsa rode the water horse. She loved the song “Into the Unknown.” She thought that they could have added more characters, but other then that, she loved it.

Cathleen Ginsburg (5S) said her favorite character was Olaf. She said, “I loved the part when Olaf tells the summary of Anna and Elsa’s life.” She also liked the song “Into the Unknown.”

Hannah Kindig  (5P) loved the movie, but she thought that they could’ve explained how the trolls took care of the towns people.