New ‘Addams Family’ movie is big hit with kids

The new “Addams Family” movie is a fun movie for kids. It came out Oct. 11. It is a version of the old “Addams Family” film, which was a big hit. Many people watched and are watching this new movie.

Thomas O’Brien said, “The movie was good.” He also said the movie provoked great emotions.

“My favorite part was how they were redoing the town and that Wednesday found a new friend and that there are security cameras in the new houses,” said Charlotte Jones. She said the movie made her feel “happy that the town and Wednesday and her family became friends.”

Lola Seligman said her favorite part was when Wednesday found a friend she could express herself to and how all of the Addams family came to watch Pugsley’s sword fight. She also said the movie made her feel “like I knew more about the Addams family and what they’ve gone through.”

Richard Carvajal said the movie “made me feel a lot of emotional ways… I think it was pretty good.”

“I thought it was funny in a weird way,” said Oscar O’Connor. “It made me feel happy because it was funny but also creepy”