Agatha Christie’s ‘Crooked House’ is page turner that leaves reader stunned

The book “Crooked House” by Agatha Christie is a murder-mystery novel set in London, England. A man named Charles Hayward has a girlfriend Sophia, and her grandfather, Aristide Leonides, is murdered from eserine poisoning. Charles’s love and ambition to marry Sophia make him determined to solve a sudden and untimely occurrence at the crooked house.

Some of the inhabitants of the crooked house include Edith De Havilland, who hated Aristide; the cold and distant Philip Leonides, who is Sophia’s father; Magda Leonides, Sophia’s mother, who is an actress who doesn’t seem at all affected by the murder of her father-in-law; Roger Leonides, Aristide’s oldest son, a guy who’s temper may have gotten the best of him; Clemency Leonides, a woman who is devoted to her husband, Roger, and would do anything for him; Brenda Leonides, a young girl who had the most motive as old Aristide’s wife; Laurence Brown, whom, many suspect, is having an affair with Brenda; Eustace Leonides, Sophia’s little brother, and Josephine Leonides, who, because she is a child, is left unsuspected of the murder.

The evidence seems to be piling up on Brenda and Laurence, especially after numerous love notes between the two of them are found. The detectives even get a warrant for their arrest. Eventually, however, they figure out the truth. The girl, Josephine was the mastermind behind the evil murder of poor old Mr. Leonides

The thing I liked best about “Crooked House” was the surprise factor. Many shocking things happen that make the reader faint of shock and scream in delight with each turn of the page. My experience with this book was absolutely and totally satisfying, and I would undoubtedly revisit the world of mystery I found myself in. 

I think this book would have been better if the author made the beginning more interesting. It takes a while to introduce all of the characters, but after a while, ‘Crooked House’ develops into an eminently engaging and pleasurable story.