‘Call of the Wild’ offers action-packed tale of dog’s journey through Yukon

“The Call of the Wild” is an action-packed movie with a dog named Buck who has special abilities. He saves the day many times when he goes up to the Yukon and back down to the U.S.

“The Call of the Wild” is a snowy and dangerous journey filled with mysteries. There is always something waiting to happen and a new job to do.

“I like ‘The Call of the Wild’ because there is a lot of action,” said Aviv Eliezer.

The film was released on Feb. 21. Since then, many people have been waiting to get tickets. People want to compare the book. Many people like the book by Jack London.

“‘Call of the Wild’ is great,” said Sebastian Ferrara. “It taught some lessons to me. Also, I like that the dog is fearless.”