Newseum is perfect place for any reporter to visit; see news copters, newspapers, photos


Sam Rodd visited the Newseum and took a page of the Colonial Times so it could join the wall of newspapers.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — On vacation, my family went to the Newseum here. The place is filled with news copters, newspapers, computers, and anything news related for that matter. The Newseum is a museum that shows how news has evolved, how news affects the world and the world affects news.

One of the best parts is the 9/11 exhibit. The antenna from the World Trade Center is here, with messages from people and their thoughts on what happened on a loop on the wall. Inside a small room to the side, there is a ten-minute film on the reporters who reported the story of the attack. It shows the event from the reporters’ point of view. It is hard to watch and very emotional.

There is also a station where you can do a fake news report and an entire section on the first floor with some of the Pulitzer Prize-winning photos. The photos are truly amazing. Some are very brutal, and I wouldn’t recommend it for those who can’t stomach brutality. The section on social media is also very cool, with a small quiz for those who wish to test themselves.

Overall, the Newseum is perfect for any news reporter. Even a part of the Berlin Wall is there! Any questions you have, this place has got the answer. For the next time you’re in D.C., check this place out. It’s worth it.

(Sam Rodd was a community editor of the Colonial Times last year. Alumni Corner features the writing and reporting of graduates of the newspaper club.)